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Abiola Tayo-Afolabi


Abiola Tayo-Afolabi, is a certified screenwriter and copywriter. She is an adjunct faculty member at Pan Atlantic University. She holds a B.SC (ED) In Biology from the University of Ilorin, a Screenwriting Certificate from Pan Atlantic University, Leadership Certificates from Daystar Leadership Academy, Certification from Orange Academy and Screenwriting certificate from PEFTI . She has produced a short film, a documentary film, a musical video, animation short film, facilitates screenwriting course online and at Pan Atlantic University and written over 200 screenplays that have aired on TV.

Her short film, ‘staying with madam Suzzy’ was nominated at International short film festival in 2013.

Abiola was a conference speaker at University of Westminster UK and Goldsmith University of London UK, in 2012 on ‘Evolving African film cultures’.

Abiola wrote one of the winning screenplays at the 1st Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) in 2010 and the making of her short film was produced by Norwegian film students in 2013. In 2015, Abiola became a $5000 TEEP awardee.

In 2017, her GYROW Superdoc animation got AMAA and AFRIFF Nomination. Abiola is married and blessed with two girls.


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