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Gyrow Superdoc

Gyrow is an 8 year old Nigerian boy who just want quality play time with his ever busy doctor dad who is constantly attending to a long queue of patients in his private clinic. When Gyrow stumbles on a magical eye glasses that transports him into humans, he takes up a super doctor role, by going into patients’ body to fix ailing organs. The challenge is, Gyrow is not prepared for the resistance the pathogens will give him and each time he has to come up with ingenious ways to defeat the virus.

Stellar Toon

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It is a race against malaria parasites, Gyrow Superdoc has got to take down the bad parasites before it is too late

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The need to protect our children from exposure to inappropriate content has never been higher. Empowered by fantasy, your kids could be the next superhero to find cure to cancer or reduce infant mortality in Nigeria. Gyrow Superdoc drama series is the place where all great dreams begin.
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Gyrow on tablet

The need to protect our children from exposure to inappropriate content has never been higher. Empowered by fantasy, your kids could be the next superhero to find cure to cancer or reduce infant mortality in Nigeria. Gyrow Superdoc drama series is the place where all great dreams begin. Order yours today.

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16gb memory. 1gb ram. Dual sim. Wi-fi enabled. The tablets can support card memory of up to 32gb. Runs android 6.0, free protective case, uses USB to connect a computer mouse, keyboard or flash. Free delivery within Nigeria. A potpourri of made in Nigeria cartoons including cartoons facilitating Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa language learning, other cartoon dramas and of course Gyrow drama series 

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Gyrow cartoon won the best animation at the Inshort film festival in 2016. Gyrow got an African movie Academy Award nomination in 2017, another selection at the Japan, French and Nigerian Animation Festival in 2017 and another nomination from African International Film festival in 2017.


We are proud to say that this animation is 100% made in Nigeria. Yes, we can!!!


We have interesting topics on menstruation, pregnancy, malaria, tooth decay, flu, ebola, cancer, cholera, measles, rabies, Polio, stomach ache and tuberculosis and they are all very interesting. As serious as ill health is, we make the story fun to watch.


Yes, there is plan to merchandise the cartoon characters’ images so as to create brand loyalty and visibility. We will notify you as soon as the stock arrives.


Pay-to-download Gyrow is available as well as a distribution deal with Nicademia tablet and African Animation Network is sealed. You can get your tablet for N30,000 with 4 months subscription of pre-loaded Nigerian made animation content. 


Some things will be modified in subsequent versions so don’t be taken aback. It is all an attempt to serve you better. There is always room for improvement, so we like tweaking here and there to make things better. Like Oprah Winfrey says, ‘excellence is an antidote to discrimination’, we won’t rest till the animation looks excellent. Africa needs to project excellence.

Why  Gyrow?

It all started with a passion to tell stories about the travail and struggles of white blood cells and red blood cells but it quickly morphed into something bigger; A crusade.

People at the front line of care have a hard time convincing families in the rural areas to get vaccinations against polio and other diseases. They often rely on traditional and religious rulers to help in persuading them to take this vaccinations.

Health issues are more than what happens in the hospitals. There are a lot of delays:

  1. Delay of decision making by patients (cultural and Religious interference forbidding followers to use orthodox medicine)
  2. Delay in accessing health facilities (poor road network)
  3. Delay in attending to clients in the hospital due to inadequate man power/ work overload
  4. Delay in instituting treatments (No drugs, oxygen etc)

Because Nigeria posts a 1:6000 doctor to patient ration as against WHO recommended 1:350, health care is not accessible to 70% of the population that live in abject poverty so they often self medicate on concoctions and hospital is usually the last result when sadly it is to late to save the life.

This animation is poised to take up the consequences of those delays but we have a GYROW super doctor who comes at the nick of time to save the day. GYROW cartoon is visually powerful and emotionally engaging enough to educate, expose what goes on inside us and motivate us to GET RID of the delays and start making healthy choices. 

In 2011, I had the privilege of spending a night with a family in Port Harcourt because my flight back to Lagos was rescheduled. The family had 4 children between the ages of 5 and 11. Needless to say they were excited to have me around, they wanted me to watch their favorite TV shows, two of which I had written. But I wanted to just sleep and be up early the next day to catch my early morning flight. As their nagging persisted, I casually told them, I didn't need to watch the TV series because I know how it will end since I wrote it. And immediately they froze for a nanosecond, then erupted into volcanic wonderment, of joy and adulation; running, screaming, calling their parents to come see the lady who wrote their favorite TV show . I instantly transformed from being a mere visitor to a super- megastar of Michael Jackson's status. I have been writing professionally for 5 years prior to that incident and I have never gotten that kind of reaction to my work. It humbled me. It told me something, if I can write a story in my little corner in Lagos and children living thousands of kilometers away from me are influenced by it then I have to do better. And so the most powerful person in the world is not Vladimir Putin, neither is it Donald Trump nor Anthony Joshua. The most powerful person in the world is me, it is a storyteller because we shape the values And agenda of the next generation to come. That is why I do this ; to inspire children to learn about prevention, treatment and care of diseases in a fun way and to trigger in them, a problem solving mentality.

Our Heroes Journey

This idea started in 2012 with a Doctor acquaintance but we went separate ways. I jettisioned the story we started together and I created another story. Looking for funding has been daunting but I had faith that a venture capitalist will fall in love with this idea one day… and the miracle happened. Never give up!!!

Being a Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur

In local parlance, ‘e no easy’ but hard work pays. So, in 2015, I got a $5000 to create a pilot episode of Gyrow Superdoc and that pilot episode has not stopped raining in awards. God bless Mr. Tony Elumelu for believing in my idea 

Our Ultimate goal

Our Journey is yet far but we are taking one step at a time and hopefully we will help to reduce the number of preventable deaths in Nigeria and Africa at Large with Gyrow Superdoc animation. We also plan to drive a policy statement that will tilt the doctor-patient ratio in Nigeria to an acceptable figure